Sharpen Your Mind Through Red Wine & Chocolate

Every body want a sharp mind, so he/she can do his/her work more accurately. Mind is the most important part of our body who regulate every part of the body from head to foot. If you are looking to sharpen your mind, then its not impossible. According to a study a deadly combination of Red Wine & Chocolate  keeps your mind sharp and alert.

Red Wine & Chocolate contains Polyphenols, plant chemicals which dilate blood vessels & speed up the supply of blood to the brain.

This provides it with a rush of oxygen and sugars, making complex calculations easier and quicker. Besides polyphenols are more effective in combination than alone, According to the Daily Mail reports.


This theory follows  study of  Northumbria University on effects of polyphenols on the mind. In which healthy adult are tested by after taking a capsule packed with resveratrol, a  ingredient  in red wine.

The test shows that after taking the supplement their is marked increase in blood flow to their brains.

Greater improvements may be seen in the elderly,because blood flow to the brain naturally decreases with age said doctoral researcher Emma Wightman from Northumbria

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