Simple Ayurvedic Remedies for Incompatible Food Combinations

Sometimes the food that we eat can cause indigestion and result into many problems like diarrhea, nausea, gastric trouble and what not. To counter the negative effect of food eaten we can have few ayurvedic remedies. Lets have a look at the antidotes for incompatible food combinations.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Incompatible Food Combinations
Ayurvedic Remedies for Incompatible Food Combinations

Ayurvedic Antidotes for Incompatible Food Combination

  1. Sometimes eating Cheese may aggravate Pitta and Kapha, to subside the the negative effect of cheese add some Black Pepper to it and then eat
  2. Eggs in cooked form increases Pitta and in raw form increases Kapha, use eggs along with Onion and Turmeric to nullify the negative effects of Eggs
  3. We all love Ice-cream, but it may also increase the mucous level in body and result into congestion. So if next time your are having ice cream then take it with Cloves or Cardamoms.
  4. Consuming Curd also increases mucous and thus congestion, take curd with ginger or cumin to subside the negative effect of curd.
  5. Meat lovers can take meat with Cloves and Pepper powder to make the digestion of meat easy
  6. Fish intake increases Pitta, include lemon in your diet to curb the ill effect of Fish.
  7. Alcohol is long known for its ill effects on digestive system, so to nullify the bad effect of Alcohol chew a pinch of cumin seeds or 1-2 cardamom seeds.
  8. To reduce the ill effect of Tea use Ginger in it, and to reduce ill effect of Coffee use a pinch of Cinnamon to it.
  9. Eating sweets increases congestion on body to always use ginger powder to curb the ill effect of sweet.
  10. Consuming Tobacco increases Pitta and triggers Vata in body, consume  Brahmi, Calamus as an antidotes to tobacco.
  11. Rice and Wheat are known aggravate Kapha and fat, use Clove and Ginger to make the diet more healthy
  12. Legumes produce gas and can cause uneasiness in body, use Garlic, cloves, Black Pepper , Ginger, Rock Salt, or Chilly powder as cure.
  13. Eating Cabbage produces gas due to Sulpher, cook cabbage in sunflower oil  and add Turmeric and Mustard seeds to ease the ill effect of Cabbage on body
  14. Garlic also aggravates Pitta in body, use grated Coconut and Lemon to reduce the ill effect of Garlic
  15. Eating Green salad produces and increases gas. So add a little lemon juice to your Green Salad to reduce the ill effect of it.
  16. Onions are also known to produces gas. It would be beneficial to take Onion in cooked form or add salt, lemon, curd and mustard seed powder
  17. Potatoes causes gas due to carbohydrate content. Cook Potatoes in Ghee with Pepper.
  18. Tomatoes intake can increases Kapha level in body, use Lemon and Cumin for curbing the ill effects of Tomatoes.
  19. Banana also increases Kapha level in body, by eating Cardamom we can lessen the ill effects of Banana.
  20. Mangoes may increase chances of Diarrhea, add ghee with cardamom to be relieved.
  21. Melons may causes water retention in body, use grated Coconut with Coriander to reduce water retention in body
  22. Nuts and Peanuts maximum time causes gas and burning sensation in the stomach and throat. To reduce the ill effect of Nuts and Peanuts soak them overnight in water or cook them with sesame oil, ginger,  roasted cumin powder and pepper.

References from Ashtanga Hridaya

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