Vital causes of itchy scalp

There are many causes that lead to itchy scalp.When it is moderate, it is mainly due to several chemicals present in hair products.If you stop using these products ,the problem may be cured immediately.Apart from this there are many other reasons too for itchy scalp.It is important to find the root cause in order to decide how to treat the scalp itching.

In adults scalp itching is very common.The common  myth is that dandruff causes itchy scalp, but that is  not true always.

Main causes of itchy scalp:

1)Acne Keloidalis Nuchae- It is a chronic scalp condition in which leads to scars and inflamed bumps behind the neck.Initially acne keloidalis nuchae looks like acne like lesions of inflamed hair follicles on the scruff of neck.The problem can worsen and causes larger scars if not treated well.

2)Folliculitis- The inflammation of hair follicle on the skin is known as folliculitis.Folloculitis happens on the part where most of the irritation occurs on the skin such as during shaving, rubbing due to clothes and skin friction.The infection of bacteria causes inflamed hair follicle which lives on skin.

3)Psoriasis- Psoriasis is the skin infection that runs in family in most of the cases.Other factors like indigestion, infection of any medication and depression or stress also causes psoriasis.The exact reason of psoriasis is not known till now but it is assumed that it may be caused due to incorrect functioning of immune system.

4)Dandruff- Dandruff is the most common skin condition of itchy scalp.Dandruff occurs on the skin rich in oil glands.Dandruff cause skin flaking, redness and itchy scalp.Factors such as cold weather,frequent shampooing and stress often leads to problem of dandruff.The problem can be worsen if not treated well and ultimately results in hair loss.

5)Sunburn-The UV rays of the sun causes sunburn.The harmful UV rays of the sun damage the DNA which produces dead cells.The dead cells causes itchy scalp.Excess sweat can worsen the itchy situation.Avoid sunlight, wear cap and apply good sun protective lotions to prevent hairs from further damage.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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