Skin care during summers

Skin need more care during summers as it looks oily, dull and blemished because of pollution, dust and free low of oil from the skin naturally.The harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun damages the skin most in summers as it penetrates the deepest layer and destroy the spongy protein.

Every woman wants a clean and glowing skin during summers to look good and silky soft.It says that the skin which is clear from inside looks great from outside.Just a little effort is needed to keep skin healthy and glowing.

Tips for skin care during summers:

1)Stay hydrated-Your body looses the most of its moisture during summer season.So it is important to constantly replenish the skin.Drink lots of fluid in form of juices and water, it will make your skin moisturised and healthy.

2)Use toner- Toner is necessary to keep your pores closed and skin cool during summers.Use a good toner that suits your skin or you can also use rosewater.

3)Protection from sun- Try to stay indoors between 11 am to 3 pm.The time is when the sun rays are at its strongest form and can influence your skin very badly.Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you move out from your home in the sun.

4)Avoid coffee- Coffee is the root cause of dehydration,which dries up your skin.Less water in your skin results in scaly red skin or itchy skin.It also causes wrinkles.So it is better to minimise the intake of coffee during summers.

5)Cucumber- It is the best food you can have during summers.It contains many health benefits and soothes your skin.The vitamin C and caffeic acid in cucumber helps removing wrinkles and protects your skin from sun damage.

6) Pomegranate- It is rich in vitamin c, b5 and polyphenols which nourishes the skin and makes skin a lot better.The punicic acid and omega 5 conjugated fatty acid found in pomegranate makes skin stay younger for long time.

7)Meditate- Meditation is something the best way to make your skin glowing from inside.meditation rejuvenates your skin and clean it.The practice of meditation act as an anti-aging agent for your skin.

8)Sleep- Get a good amount of sleep everyday is essential to relax your body as well as your skin.It is necessary to get 8 hours of sleep daily to keep the skin healthy for long time.

9)Exercise- Work out for at least 45 minutes everyday.Exercise enhances the circulation of blood inside your body.A better blood circulation nourishes your cells which means a healthy glowing skin.

10)Clean your skin everyday- It is important to clean your skin everyday and wash your face at least twice a day to remove the dirt and the dust from your skin.It is must to clean and moisturise your skin before going to sleep at night.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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