Main causes of hand pain

Hands are the part of the body which are used the most to work,or to play.When the hand is effected by any kind of pain, it really becomes difficult to deal with it as it ceases all the work.Hand pain can be caused due to various mild to serious diseases like nerve compression,infection, trauma or any autoimmune disease.

Hand pain can be caused due to injuries such as abrasion,dislocated finger,hand ligament sprain,hand muscle strain,stress injury or splinter.

Hand pain can be caused due to infection such as cellulitis caused by Staphylococcus aureus bacterial infection,Paronychia,septic arthritis,ganglion cyst, or bursitis.

Hand pain can be due to various neurological conditions such as lead poisoning, Cervical spondylosis,hyperthyroidism,neuroma,spinal cord injury, stroke or multiple sclerosis.

Other causes of hand pain include:

1)Arthritis- Arthritis effect the thumb and the wrist of the hand. Arthritis could occur as the person ages.There are many ways to cure the pain generated due to arthritis.Also, do not avoid the pain , as negligence could lead to severe problem in future.

2)Tendinitis- In case of tendinitis the tendons tend to inflame due to overuse.It is the condition similar to when your knees become painful or inflamed after long run or walk.Tendinitis is curable and that too without any surgery with the help of steroids, splints and a good healthy rest.

3)Wrist pain-Sometime when people fall they neglect the pain and after some time the pain does not go away. People are not able to connect that pain with their wrist pain.It is better to consult your doctor for the pain that irritate you for longer period of time.

4)Overuse- Overuse of the hand also lead to hand pain.Such as spending long time in front of the computer. Continuous texting also leads to hand pain which we generally do not realize sometime.Technology is effecting  the common man in lot many ways.It is becoming hard to avoid many things that makes life modern such as play station,screen time in front of computer etc.

Hand pain is mainly the discomfort in the joints and the tissues of hands.Hand pain can be of different forms such as aching, tingling,stiffness,burning or prickling sensation etc.Hand pain can also be the sign of serious infection or fracture.

So it is better that your should contact your medical professional as soon as possible to avoid unwanted complications  in future.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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