Sleeping Disorder:Mystery of sleepwalking is in genes

Scientists in their recent research have found that the major cause behind sleepwalking can be deep inside the genes of the person.Sleepwalking is considered embarrassing and dangerous at the same time.Sleepwalkers may also be injured during the continuation of the process.

A research was made on four generations of a family where nine out of twenty two members were suffering from the condition.In the journal Neurology,they mentioned that even one defective DNA is sufficient to propagate the disorder to further generations of the same family.

This disorder of walking in sleep can be turned very dangerous disruptive generally if the case continues till adulthood.A serious condition known as Somnambulism also persist where individuals perform activities like pulling up the socks.And there are the cases where people suffering from sleepwalking have been killed while walking in the busy road.

The cause behind the disorder is known little but it can be due to stress and fatigue.Dr.Gurnett said “It is likely that several genes will be involved,what we have found is the first genetic locus for sleepwalking”

He further says “We do not know yet which of the genes linkage region of chromosome will be responsible.Until we find the gene we won’t know whether  whether this accounts for several families or a large number of families who have sleeping”

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