chocolates can prevent heart diseases:health benefits & disease cure through chocolates

Besides giving a sweet taste a chocolate  is said to be helpful in body’s healthy production a latest research said. Its the time to  gift chocolates on the fest of valentine’s day.Give and take of chocolates in this valentine is not merely a celebration but eating chocolates help to boost the high density lipoprotein cholesterol.

This is that cholesterol which is good for the body and it give protection against many heart diseases.You will surely be getting heart palpitation or mouth watering when a box of chocolates come in front of you but actually that chocolates rotate up the activities of some proteins in your body.

The proteins that are in contact to genetic matter DNA raise the HDL levels in your body when chocolates are consumed.Actually  coca is the ingredient that is present in the chocolates  that reduces the chances of heart hazards by increasing the level of HDL the benefit cholesterol and lessens the levels of low density cholesterol in the body.

The chocolates also reduces the blood pressure of those who has the problem of high blood pressure.It is also helpful in stimulating endorphin production which gives a sensation of satisfaction.A small piece of chocolates consumed a day help your cardiovascular system to run well.

A chocolate may or may not taste good but remember it is not merely about your taste glands but its for your good health.Some of the research shows that washing your chocolate with milk before consuming could prevent you from the anti oxides absorbed by your body.

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