Steps for analyzing breast cancer at home

Breast self analysis is very important for every women,to notice any unusual change in the appearance of breasts or creation of lumps.Breast self examination is a way to detect early breast cancer.

Every women should regularly check their breast for cancer.Self breast analysis should be performed once in a month.If during the examination you find lumps, then do not panic because not all breast lumps are the sign of cancer.But it is necessary that the lumps and abnormality should be reported to your doctor.

Here are some steps for self breast examination:

-Stand in front of the mirror,clothes off and analyze the shape and size of your breast.Also see the color and texture of the breasts.

-While analyzing follow the four basic postures:

a)Both  arms raised above your head.

b)Both arms folded down.

c)Both arms placed over your waist.

d)Slight bend down with arms over your waist.

-Squeeze the nipples gently and observe for any nipple discharge.

-Lie down on your back, firstly place the pillow under your right shoulder and feel the right breast with your left hand, now repeat the process on your left shoulder and feel your left breast with your right hand.

-Now move the nipple with the fingers flat and close to each other , in  large and large circles.Also, move your fingers up and down vertically to feel the breast tissues.

-The self examination can also be done while bathing, as some women find it easier to feel the breast when they are wet.

While performing the activity you should look for some key points such as position of nipples on either side, size, shape and color of breast, any swelling or distortion.

Visit your doctor if you notice any of the following changes such as  dimpling, bulging or puckering of skin, inverted nipple,swelling,rashes or redness,discharge of fluid milky or yellow in color, or a lump in armpit.

“The information present is for General Purpose, please consult your doctor before taking any medication / therapy”

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