Strokes : Symptoms and Prevention

Stroke occurs when the blood carried by arteries to brain becomes blocked.This blockage causes damage to brain and therefore you may lose control of the function controlled and maintained by that part of the brain.People often loses control of their arm or leg and may also be not able to speak in some cases.

Symptoms of stroke:

1)Numbness and weakness of arm,leg or the face.

2)Loss of vision in one or both eyes.

3)Severe headache for no reason.

4)Loss of balance and stability while walking.

Factors that causes stroke:


b)High Blood Pressure.

c)Uncontrolled diabetes.

d)Heart Disease.

e)Family history of stroke.


g)Age-65 and above.

h)Excessive intake of alcohol.

Prevention against strokes:

-Stop Smoking

-Reduce the intake of alcohol.

-If you have High Blood Pressure,keep check on it and control it following your doctor advice.

-Avoid foods with high fat and cholesterol and reduce salt intake, to lower your cholesterol and  blood pressure problem.

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