Stress or depression do not influence pregnancy fertility rates

A recent study said that the reason behind infertile women is not  stress and tension.In fact fertility do not stop because of weakness,Many non-pregnant women believe that because of stain and emotional worries they lack the natural pregnancies.

The study says that these facts are not reliable as they are based on personal accounts rather that true facts or research.They are nothing but  just old fertility stories.

The researchers had investigated relations between achievement of fertility and stress or weakness by investigating a large scale review of connected researches.A large study which consist around 3583 infertile ladies experiencing a period of fertility treatment were included in the research.

The women were checked before the medication about stress and uneasiness.After that the information was compared showing women who had accomplished pregnancy and those who had not.

At the end the outcome had proved that stress,weakness,fear or uneasiness is not the reason behind a women incapable of being pregnant.According to the conclusion it is clear that emotional problems resulted from infertility or other happenings of life simultaneously occurring with medication will not affect the possibility for  pregnancy.

Further, Dr Bea Lintsen, a physician at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center(The Netherlands) said that  Anxiety and depression have no influence on the cancellation and pregnancy rates of a first IIVC or ICSI treatment and they do not predict pregnancy rates either.

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