Sunlight & vitamin D deficiency:inadequate sunlight causes infectious diseases

According to a latest research the places which are comparatively more colder and windy posses more health risk mainly for small children. Living in frosty cities causes causes problems like asthma in small children because of lack of proper sunlight and warmth.

Yes, it is true that extended revelation to the sun causes diseases like cancer but you will be amassed to know that evading sun is more dangerous as it causes problems like asthma.The presence of sun rays and warmth is very much necessary for children to maintain a balance between their body and growth.

The vitamins present inside our body wants sun’s exposure to combine and form a more complex product inside our body.Individuals suffering from asthma due to lack of sun have reduced degree of these vitamins in their body.With the result children living in colder places suffers from health sickness.

Therefore lack of sun’s heat causes many infectious diseases like asthma,tuberculosis,cancer and many other.Mainly children are affected by this problem more rather than adults according to the researchers.Its cent percent true that vitamin D and sunshine to together.

Inadequate exposure from sun deficiencies of vitamin D are connected to various problems i.e,high blood pressure problems,cognitive heart attacks and many more.There is a supplement to this problem which is effective but is not the best alternative for example the best food sources of vitamin D like dairy products,egg yolk,seafood etc.

“The information given above is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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