Smoking health-hazards:addiction to smoking is a slow and painful death

Smoking habits always causes adverse effects on health  in some way or the other.It increases the problem of mental illness mostly in adolescence .Many symptoms like depression, confusion,feeling drowsy,tiredness can be noticed in those children who are addicted to smoking.

People who are in a habit to smoke suffers from dangerous health problems.It is a wrong myth that smoking is done to change the mood rather it changes your good health to bad one and for this reason individuals suffers from depression.

Moreover the teens who are into smoking habits suffers from many unfavorable health effects like they can not sleep properly,always experience dullness or dejected situations in their life.At times their is a hopelessness kind of attitude towards their future.

Teens are surrounded by stress,nervousness and are never bothered about things in their life all because of addiction to smoking.Actually smokers who smoke to improve their temper had  more chances of high depression symptoms than those who do not smoke.

The danger of high mental illness always exist in individuals who are engaged in smoking habits.Addiction to smoking brings only health hazard to your life nothing else.Smoking is a gamble of life which takes away your peacefulness.

Smoking is one of the root cause of cancers like lung cancer,bladder cancer,esophagus cancer,pancreatic cancer,cervical cancer and lot more.Not only this it increases the risk of high blood pressure,heart attacks,asthma problems,tuberculosis etc.

Smoking is not a boon but a evil to one’s life.It brings dangerous health illness and sickness.The only way to skip these health risk is to stop smoking,because  at last its all about your health and wellness.It will help you to experience good physical and mental health.

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