Tips to increase your energy

Energy plays an important role to keep your body working properly throughout the day.Energy is not necessarily generated from the three meals you consume for the whole day, but also includes the right motivation, optimism, and involvement in different interesting things you do for yourself.

Here are some helpful tips that helps fighting fatigue and increases your stamina-

1)Bright Colors for happiness- Bright colors such as orange, yellow,red can be very energizing. In a research it was found that colors are attention gaining and also helps in activating your circulatory system and your brain.

2)Be away from technology for sometime-A research says that people who are always busy with some kind of online chatting, talk on phone most of the time, have 10 percent less IQ level as compared to other people.Thus, find some time away from your phone,PC and enjoy a break which will make you stress free to continue with your work.

3)Ignore refusals and stay away from regrets- To think about the fight or quarrel with your colleague or sister is of no use.Thinking again and again about the same matter dry up your energy,it not only damages your psychological condition but also your physical condition.

4)List your achievements-A research in The University of California says that whenever yo feel depressed about anything at any moment of your life just jot down your achievements that gives you happiness.The main logic behind the trick is that it makes you feel proud and innovates a new energy within yourself.

5)Stay in touch with your close ones-A research has found that contact with your close ones like your friends and loved ones, a chemical called Oxytocin is released which increases a feeling of joy.Whenever you feel upset or down do talk to your fiends either on phone or on internet it regenerates a new energy within you.

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