Intense stress can lead to dental health problems

Mental illness is harmful in many ways.Apart from disturbing  your daily routine it has a negative impact on your teeth to.

To much stress can badly affect your over all health including your mouth teeth and gums.Stress and anxiety makes your oral health weak in many ways.You can even start losing your teeth in an early stage of life when compared to those who remains stress free.

According to a latest research people who remain stressed are having a lot of oral health problems like dementia and bipolar disorder.The scientist says that either these people had lost their teeth or are having decayed,filled or missing teeth.Such people also suffers from TMJ(temporomandibular)Syndrome.

The most known oral problem problem that is found is canker sores or fever blisters.These problems slowly starts increasing and creates pain in your jaw,face and even in ears to.These patients should immediately concern their dentists as soon as possible because it can lead to loosing the teeth.

Depressed people stop cleaning their teeth properly because of loneliness or mental illness.They ignore their oral hygiene which amounts to a lot of problems for future.Some depression treatment drugs also causes severe mouth problems which are the another source of tooth decaying.

For taking care of your total health talk to your doctor about your mental illness.Stress problems should be treated at the correct time or it can give negative outcomes.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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