Tips to put on weight in a healthy way

Since obesity is major problem prevailing in today’s world, we ignore those who are underweight or slim.Gaining weight is a lot more easier  then loosing weight.It is important to have a balanced diet to gain weight.

A healthy female must consume 900 calories a day and a healthy man consumes 2200 calories a day.If one really wants to gain weight in a week then he/she must consume 1000 extra calories per day.

Here are some tips to gain weight:

-Eat healthy food.Consume non-vegetable foods and milk products.Intake of high protein food items increases weight such  as rice, potatoes etc.

-Avoid junk food, it is very unhealthy way to gain weight.

-Drink 2 glasses of milk everyday.

-Consume bananas and banana milkshake to gain weight.

-Increase the consumption of fruit juices, eat lots of fruits and dry fruits.

-Creatin supplement is a good way to gain weight, but do not take it without doctor’s permission.

-Follow regular weight gaining exercises.Exercises like bench presses, dead lifts, bar dips and barbel rows can be helpful.

-Take a good sleep and at right time.

-Practice regular yoga.

-Include eggs,fish,and meat in your diet.

“The information present is for General Purpose, please consult your doctor before taking any medication / therapy”

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  1. I want gain weight. I m vegetarian. Age 32 beight 5.6″, weight 58, any remedy u have for me

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