Skin care in winters

Skincare and skin protection in winters become very necessary because the brisk and clean air almost dries up your skin.There is lack of humidity in winters so the air becomes dry thus making skin dry and flaky.

So it is better to take good care of your skin to protect it from drying out.To keep your skin moisturized and smooth even in harsh winters, here are some tips to protect your skin in winters.

Tips to protect your skin in winters:

1)Take warm bath, not hot-Hot water often drinks the m moisture of your skin.Also, wash your hands in warm water, if you see your hands turning red then it means that water is really too hot.

2) Moisturize well after washing hands or after showers-Moisturizing keeps skin soft and supple.Apply the lotion when the skin is slightly wet.

3)Avoid dry soaps-Use creamy soap which has petrolatum or glycerin in it.

4)Drink water, stay hydrated-Water is necessary even in winter season, people who do not drink good amount of water daily faces many skin problems.It is better to drink at-least 7-8 glasses of water per day.

5)Moisturize lips- Do not lick your lips, it will dry them.A normal lip balm is good to keep lips moisturized in winters.

6)Moisturize your face-Apply a good moisturizer before going out in cold weather and also cover your face with a scarf or any cotton cloth.

7)Take good care of feet and hand-Apply some moisturizer in hands before steeping out of house in winters and also moisturize your feet and wear cotton socks while sleeping to nourish your feet in winters.

“The information present is for General Purpose, please consult your doctor before taking any medication / therapy”


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