Tips to remain healthy:7 points which will help you to remain young

Everyone wants to look younger day by day and its not wrong to,all you have to do is to check out some tips from here which will help you to look pretty, gorgeous as well beautiful.

Some latest and easy tips to remain as young as you want:

  • Exercise  is very important

The most essential thing to stay young and healthy is to indulge yourself in routinely exercises.Proper meditation or yoga will also do.It keeps the body free from many diseases and offer a good metabolism to perform your day to day tasks.Your body will grow in proportion and will have perfect weight,moreover it keeps your blood pressure in check.

  • Proper body weight

Body weight should be in proper proportion means there should not be exess mass in your body.You should not be over or under weight and for this purpose you have to eat healthy and take a good diet essential for the body.

  • Degree of  adequate cholesterol

You should maintain appropriate level of cholesterol level in your body because exess level of cholesterol increases the risk of heart attacks and many other diseases.

  • Adequate amount of sleep

Your body should get full amount of sleep which should be adequate to be healthy.Suitable rest taking is very important to look fresh and restful.It lowers the risk of exertion and headache.It eliminates the problem of signs of aging or black spots from your face.

  • Right diet

Proper intake of food is very necessary for healthy living.Your first step is to check how much protein,nutrients ,fiber etc you are taking.Make a diet chart and start following it.Do not miss any of the three meals i.e breakfast,lunch or dinner.

  • Have you checked your blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the root cause of stress and hyper tension.It also effects your weight.You should get in a habit of regular blood pressure checking.Opt for the treatment to have normal blood pressure through out

  • Bring a pet to your home

It will look strange but yes one of the tip to stay young is to have pets around you.Actually  the people who owes pets have lesser risk to die from heart attacks than those who don’t have.Pets gives you a feeling of love,care and many emotions are linked with them which gives a sense of healthy living .


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