Tiredness in women and remedies

Today the most common problem which is observed in women is tiredness and stress, due to long working hours and hectic schedule it becomes almost impossible to decide office and house work which results in a bad health ultimately. There are plenty of remedies which can be opted to avoid these problems, have a look.

Stress in women
Stress in women

Tips to reduce stress and tiredness in women

It is very important to make a balance between office and house work which at times becomes impossible and results in tiredness, fast moving life and overburden of work are some reason that causes irritation. check out some remedies.

  • Exercise is important– According to many fitness experts one of the major cause of tiredness can be negligence of exercises. At least 30-45 minutes of exercises is suggested to women. Always try to walk instead of taking vehicles. There are various forms of yoga and meditations which help in reducing tiredness.
  • Take appropriate sleep–  Improper sleep in also one of the major cause of tiredness, due to the hectic schedule sometimes it becomes impossible to take proper sleep which results in stress and anxiety. Therefore it is very important to take at least 8 hours sleep in a day.
Tiredness remedies
Tiredness remedies
  • Proper diet–  According to dietitians bad dieting habits are one of the major reason of tiredness. Junk food and ready to make processed food are very common now a days which are harmful for health as they degrade the energy level of a person.
  • Yoga and meditation–  For calmness of mind and energetic body it is easy to take the help of various yoga forms and mediation. Yoga doesn’t mean all the tough postures rather a calm meditation dome in a fresh environment will be enough to provide peace to the mind and body. This recharge the mind by proving inner strength.
  • Family help–  It is not always necessary to be a super women who does all the work. At times you can take the help of your family or friends to divide work as far as possible. Those tasks which are of less importance can be shifted to others in order to escape the overburdening of work.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy” 



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