Butter smooth skin in winters

During winters skin becomes dull and dry which results in skin tightness and discoloration on face. It is very important to properly moisturize skin during this times and this season demands more care and moisture to skin. Check out some solutions.

Tips to have butter smooth skin

Winters beauty tips
Winters beauty tips

Mexican moisturizer

Normally winters demands more moisturized skin as the cold and dry weather reduces the level of oil and water from the body, this makes your wrinkles and lines visible on the face. To avoid this problem try to clean your face with pure cream cleansers as they are less dry compare to other creams. Avoid washing your face with cleansers in the morning rather add some warm water with moisturizer and apply on face, remove the extra cream with a tissue paper. After this apply rich moisturizer cream which contains good amount elements like  fatty acid, cream and vitamin E oil.

Herbal ex-foliation

Applying scrubs containing granular granules removes dead cells from the skin. Keep in mind not to use harsh scrubs that harms the skin as this makes your face dry and dull. For removing any type of brown or black spot from the face use lactic acid or strawberry moisturizers rather than scrubs. This gives your skin a good fragrance which adds glow to the skin.

Soft skin tips
Soft skin tips

Hot and warm oil

It is advised to do a good body massage with warm oil for at-least 1 hour before taking bath. Any oil i.e ready made or home made can be put to use. Beauty experts advise to use the mixture of almond and olive oil for this purpose. Sunflower oil is rich in vitamin E which is also beneficial in removing sunburn marks as well as pimples marks. Eucalyptus oil is beneficial in curing cold, cough and flue.

Tea mask

Mainly due to dry winds cheeks becomes red and dry, for curing this boil chamomile tea now put it in freezer for some time. Once it gets cooled dip a small towel in it and apply on face till it converts to normal temperature. This method helps in curing cheek redness and dryness.

“The information present here is for general purpose ¬†please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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