Top 5 major health problems in men

The Men’s Health Network once reported that men die early compared to women.Men are less concerned about their health compared to women.Some health problems that are common in case of men are-stroke, cancer, heart disease,accidents,diabetes, suicide and liver diseases.

The reason of health problem occurring earlier in men  is the lack of health care in life.Regular medical checkup is not only necessary for  women but  is also important for a  men.

Top 5 health problem in men are:

1)Heart Disease- Heart disease is ranked no. 1 in United States, as one of the killing disease both in men and women.The risk of heart disease in men increases after the age of 45 years.Hence, proper measures should  be taken at proper time to prevent the risk of developing coronary heart disease.Men should avoid smoking and intake of tobacco to maintain the good health of heart.

2)Cancer-Men after the age of 50 years are at the risk of developing cancer, especially prostrate cancer.Prostate cancer develops when prostate is attacked by the pathogen(bacteria).Healthy lifestyle and cleanliness reduces the chances of getting the disease.

3)Lung Cancer-Smoking is the root cause of developing lung cancer in men.Well balanced diet and avoid the deadly habit of smoking leads to a better healthy long life.You should also consult for frequent  cancer screenings.

4)Testicular cancer-The men between the age of 20-39 are higher risk of developing testicular cancer.Family history can one of the reason of developing testicular cancer.Lumps in groin,pain and swelling are the major symptoms of the deadly disease.Early detection and treatment can save life.Surgery or chemotherapy are helpful in curing the disease.

5)Suicide and stress-Men commit suicide more as compared to women.Men do not easily show depressions and stress and need someone to find out that they are in problem.Stress in men leads to anger,alcohol,aggression etc.The stress often make them feel low and make them think that life is no longer worth living.

“The information present is for General Purpose, please consult your doctor before taking any medication / therapy”



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