Traveling Tips: Make traveling comfortable and easy

Some people love to travel a lot while some hate traveling.There are for sure  many challenges to face, health-wise while traveling.


There are things that should be considered while traveling to make it easy go going.

Generally, people have the tendency to eat a lot before going anywhere with the belief that they are not sure when will be able to to eat a comfortable meal.It is a tendency to overload on oily and fatty foods on flights or at the airport restaurants.

People mostly go through muscle pain, circulation problem and knee pain due to sitting at one place for more than one hour.There are at times may be sleeping problems too while traveling.

So it is better to take certain precautions that can make traveling less daunting and more comfortable, they are:

Drink:  During any long duration flight or traveling it is better and important to hydrate yourself appropriately. so while on plane drink lots of soda-free drinks, water and juices.Soda-free drinks causes less discomfort and constipation problem.Tea and coffee can be consumed while traveling but in less quantity as they dehydrate the body and can also cause headache.

Eat:  Since you are not able to move freely  on a plane , so your body is unable to digest food well. Therefore it is better to be on light meals such as sauteed vegetables,dumplings, boiled corn etc.You can eat fruits as well.Avoid mixing foods incorrectly like drinking juice with dinner can cause gas.

Exercise:  Try doing some stretching exercises if possible during your flight. Some simple exercises can be done such as forward bending, walking up and down the aisle,ankle rotation and stretching and raising arms.

Sleep:  If you are traveling more than a week in a month then it is better to take power naps of 45 minutes to 2 hours, it gives you some rest without creating any stiffness in your neck.Exercise regularly to strengthen your back.



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