Facebook and Google considered as addictive as drugs

A new study has revealed that social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google are as addictive as drugs.

Researchers said that people  behave restlessly when forced to give up access to any electronic media or Internet.

New York posts also reported that people who are not updated about the information on the internet, text messaging and instant messaging are considered to be huge bores.

The researchers concludedGiving up technology was considered by some to be as hard as quitting smoking or drinking.

According to the study 53 percentage of people out of 1000 feel terribly upset when deprived of internet connection and approximate 40 percentage of people feel lonely when not allowed to go online.

Recognize the signs of addiction to social networking sites-

-When you wake up the first thing you do is check your profile account and it is the last thing you do even at night.

-You feel empty when you do not log in, all you need is to spend time online. When not being online causes sweat, illness, and physical pain.

-To check whether you are suffering from facebook withdrawal symptom  is when you cannot go for more than a day.

-Even when you are not online constantly , checking your profile many times a day is a sign of compulsive behavior.

Avoid such signs of behavior,try diverting your mind  in any other activity which includes more physical work rather than sitting in front of computer.

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