Treatment for Snoring:Causes,symptoms and effective remedies

Are you in a habit of snoring all the time while sleeping? If yes, you’ll surely be finding a way out of it.Really it is sometimes very insulting if you are in another place and your snoring is in top of your voice.But friends don’t worry here are some useful remedies for you all to get rid of this habit of snoring.

It is said that manly those person snore while sleeping who are very tired throughout the day’s  work and are in a peaceful sleep.But my friends let me tell you that this is not a enough reason for your snoring.Snoring is a habit which can be  some time annoying  for another person and at one point of time it can be a matter of joke for others upon you.

Causes of snoring:

  • There can be obstruction of airway in your nose.
  • If you are an old person.
  • If you are used to alcohol or smoking.
  • Bodily weariness.
  • If you are overbalance or over weight.
  • Because of expand tonsils.
  • If you are having some throat infection.

Snoring Symptoms :

  • Rhinal sound during sleep.
  • Severe respiration.

Remedies for snoring:

  1. Try to loose weight-Little bit of loosing weight will reduce fat tissues from your body which will decrease your snoring.
  2. Quit smokingSmoking is one of the main reason which blocks your nose membrane, if you will quit smoking you will definitely quit snoring.
  3. Sleeping place should be air damp-The dry air can annoy membrane in the nose so the place should be moist.
  4. Correct sleeping position- Try to sleep without taking pillow it will help in  not to make your neck mussel crisp.
  5. Try to keep you head and mouth out of the blanket so that you can take fresh air in. This will give block-less air to move in your nose.
  6. Do breathing exercises  regularly  and take a regular walk.
  7. Avoid using sleeping pills.

Here is a  home remedy or you all which is very effective in snoring treatment:

  • pour 3-4 drops warm sudh ghee( pure butter) in both the nostrils two times a day( in morning or evening before going to bed) .Apply regularly you will see good results within some days.

“The information given above is for general propose, please consult your doctor before taking any medication”

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  1. Hi I am Rajesh, I am 42yrs old and weight is 185 pound 6 feet tall, lately i start to snoar .

    Is there is any exercise or treatment.

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