Treatment of migraine without any medication

Migraine headache can be very painful if not treated well.There are numerous drugs available to relief the pain of migraine.But people who want to treat their migraine without any medication, number of alternatives are available to help reduce the symptoms of migraine.There is no predefined cure to treat migraines, therefore the more you treat it yourself the easier is to deal with it.

Treatment for migraine pain
Treat migraine without medication


Migraine pain can be noticed half an hour before its onset.You can feel symptoms like sensing an aura or experiencing visual disturbances like blurred vision or sense of throbbing on one side of your head.Nausea, vomiting, fatigue and dizziness can  are also the indication of migraine pain.

Recognize these symptoms and start your treatment as early as possible for example leave whatever work you are doing, turn off the TV or computer you are working on,or move out of any social gathering, if you attending one.The earlier you recognize these symptoms and starts treating them, the easier it becomes is to deal with the migraine pain.

Alternative treatment to cure migraine:

Migraine treatment
Alternative treatment for migraine


-Drink a cup of coffee.It helps in reducing the pain.Caffeine has mild analgesic properties which helps in dilating the blood vessels.

-Lie down and take a rest.Also switch off or dim the lights of your room, as some people are sensitive to bright light.It helps in preventing the migraine from becoming worse.

-Hot tea  also helps in reducing the pain sensation of migraine.If you do not like to drink coffee you can switch over to hot tea.Sometimes the pain is not the sign of migraine, its just the stress related pain. which can be cured with a cup of hot tea.

-Acupuncture is another alternative treatment to migraine pain. Discuss it with your doctor.Acupuncture involves the process in which small needles are inserted to some specific points of your body.It helps reducing the migraine pain as well as reduces the number of headache.

– Relaxation also helps a lot in reducing the pain.Deep breathing and muscle relaxation techniques are very beneficial to stop the migraine pain before it starts.

-Pressurizing certain points of your head,neck and face helps relaxing the  migraine pain.Press the brow line and under the yes, rub in circular motion the jaw and your temple and also massage the base of your skull with tennis ball.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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