Tips for clear skin for men

Every time you meet someone, the first thing you notice is their face.A healthy, clear and glowing face is very important to make good first impression and boosting up self-confidence.Guys also have skin problems as women do like- wrinkles,oily skin, pimples etc.The American Academy of Dermatology has stated that about 17 million of American men suffers from the problem of acne.There are numerous ways to get clear skin for men, which are cheap as well as easily available at home.

clear skin for men
Clear skin for men

 Tips for clear skin for men:

1) Keep your skin clean by washing it everyday.It removes the oil and dirt from your face.Avoid soaps which contain harmful chemicals which can cause acne and skin irritation.

2)Apply scrub  at least once a week  to clean dead skin cells from your face .It helps unclogging your pores efficiently.

3)Moisturize your skin well after shaving and washing.You can use aloe vera or similar light moisturizers from grocery stores.Moisturizing helps preventing wrinkles and roughness of skin.

4) If you have large pores, use toners  it helps reducing the size of pores and prevents the accumulation of dirt which leads to acne.

5)Apply a good sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from sun damage, skin cancer and wrinkles.

6) Exercise regularly and eat a well balanced healthy diet to improve the blood circulation and to build a healthy skin.Nutrients like Vitamin A,Vitamin B,zinc and Vitamin E are very beneficial for healthy and clear skin.

7)Laser therapy is also very beneficial to reduce the the oil production of your skin or to remove the unwanted scars of acne.

8)Always shave with sharp razor and never shave in opposite direction of growth of hairs as it could damage your skin.

9)Select a good aftershave lotion which has moisturizing and antiseptic properties, it helps fight infection and soothes your skin.

10)Too much of everything is always harmful.Therefore try to avoid smoking,stress, alcohol and fatigue.These are the factors which are primary cause for premature aging and can make you look older.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”



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