Turmeric for natural skin care

Turmeric is an excellent and natural home remedy for skin to cure diseases and skin problems.Turmeric has been used in India from past 2500 years.Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory characteristics which is very beneficial for different health disorders like cancer,Alzheimer’s disease etc.

Turmeric is used for skin care purposes also as it cuts the skin melanin production and prevents skin tanning.It cures skin problems like hyper pigmentation, acne and other problems like diabetes, indigestion,asthma  and prostate cancer.

Here are few benefits you can get from turmeric:

1) Turmeric can be used as anti-aging herbal cream to avoid the wrinkles and loosening of your skin.It also helps fighting the stretch marks.

2) Take a pinch of kasturi turmeric,add it your moisturizer and apply it on your face at night.It helps clearing the acne, restrain the growth of facial hairs, and gives a glow to your skin.

3)Mix the turmeric with gram flour and yogurt and scrub it on your face at least fro 5 minutes.It is used as a natural scrub for the bride and bridegroom  during the wedding.

Turmeric scrub helps cleaning the dirt and black marks from the skin .

4)Turmeric is an excellent natural cleanser to remove nose blackheads and pigmentation on the skin.Take a little chick pea flour or rice flour, mix it with turmeric powder in equal ratio. Make a paste of this mixture adding a teaspoon of yogurt and milk.Apply it on your face to get the glowing skin.

5) Turmeric also help reducing boils on your face .It acts as an antiseptic to any kind of  bruises that are caused accidentally on your face or any other part of the body.

“The information present is for General Purpose, please consult your doctor before taking any medication / therapy”


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