Vital sign and symptoms of heart attack

Heart Disease symptoms, if overlooked can cause serious problems in future.Heart disease occurs mostly in men, but that is not true completely.Heart disease is still on the top list as the killer disease both in men and women.Blockage in the heart arteries, reduces the blood supply to the heart causes heart attack.

Sometimes the heart muscles get injured, because of improper care of the medications is also one of the cause of heart attack.

The key sign and symptoms of heart attack are:

1)Chest Pain-  Many heart attacks are caused due to pain in the centre of the chest which maintains for short period of time or frequently goes away ad comes back.Any pressure, squeezing, numbness or choking in the chest, neck and upper abdomen also signifies the attack symptoms.

2)Loss of consciousness- Loss of conscious is common symptom for people experiencing heart attack.Fainting is not very serious in some cases but at times it becomes important to know the real cause behind it.

3)Shortness of breadth- Shortness of  breadth is the most common symptom of heart attack.People often experience shortness of breadth along with strain or when they lie flat on their back while sleeping.

4)Fatigue-The person suffering from heart disease feels fatigue or the inability to carry on the normal physical work in day to day life.It is not necessary that being lethargic is the symptom of heart disease, it  can also be due to any other problem inside the body.Early diagnosis is necessary for corrective medication.

Other symptoms such as sudden increase in heart rate, nervousness,anxiety,pain in both arms,and  frequent perspiration are need to be diagnosed as early as possible to know the real cause, before it becomes a threat to life.Healthy living can be achieved through nutritious diet, positive thinking and regular health check-ups.Eat healthy,stay healthy.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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