Effective remedies to cure rough hands

Hands are the part of the body that are indulge constantly in some or the other work.The skin of the hands are sensitive,they need to be pampered and taken care like any other part of the  body.Hands are open to numerous activities,  chemicals and  harsh environmental changes.We often forget to give proper attention and as a result they  become rough and dry.

The common causes of hands becoming dry and rough is continuous washing and careless  moisturising.Other causes include such as working with the foods like onions, garlic which makes hands dry because of their PH content.

The remedies for softening the dry hands are:

1)Use a moisturised and mild soap- Try using mild soaps which contains an appropriate amount of moisturisers.Use mild soaps for sensitive skin of the hands.

2) Moisturising- Moisturise your hands frequently, and specially after washing.Aloe vera and olive oil also works well to moisturise the hands.Try to keep a moisturiser in your bag, so that even if you are out for work you can keep good care of your hands.

3)Drink lots of water-The all time therapy for good skin is water.Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water everyday to keep skin moisturised and hydrated.Daily intake of good amount of water makes skin healthy.

4)Protect your hands- Protection of hands from different and harsh weather conditions is very important. In winters, wear gloves to prevent you hands from dry wind and try to apply powerful moisturising cream.

In summers, protect your hands from harmful UV rays of sun and apply at least two coats of sunscreen on your hands.

5)Regular Scrubbing-Scrubbing is  important for your hands to remove the dry cells from the skin.Wash your hands with lukewarm water after scrubbing and apply a good cream to retain the moisture well.

6)Manicure therapy- Have manicure done on your hands once in a month.It makes hands softer and removes the flakes and dry cells from the surface of hand’s skin.

Use warm water mixed with lemon juice and soak your hands in the mixture for sometime and then wash off.Massage regularly, it increases the blood circulation of hands and reduces their numbness and coldness,thus making them softer to touch.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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