Why washing hands are so important?

Hands are the part of body that are regularly engaged in some or the other work all throughout the day.Clean hands prevents you from getting sick and keep you way from various infections such as flu or cold.It is the most common thing you are reminded again and again while you grow up from your teachers and parents.

Hands are the medium for millions of bacteria and microbes such as fungi and viruses.These microbes are responsible for making you seriously ill most of the times.Dirty and improper washed hands are the main cause for the spread of contagious diseases like malaria, dengue and flu.

When and how to wash your hands:

When you touch objects and surfaces , even your nose,  mouth and eyes,the hands carry germs and becomes infected.Infected hands are great risk to your health.Always wash hands properly before you are eating some food,handling contact lenses, or treating  injury.

Learn and make your habit to wash your hands after  you use toilet, preparing food such as raw meat, blowing nose or sneezing into your hands,handling contaminated content such as garbage or any household things and while you touch animals and toys.

Benefits of washing hands:

Proper washing of hands prevents from various harmful diseases and allergies.It lowers the risk of diarrhoea and digestive problem.According to WHO small children under the age of 5 years, are effected by the deadly disease of diarrhoea .So it is better to wash hands properly with good antiseptic soap as contact to faecal matter can cause serious intestinal problem.

Clean hands prevent eye infections such as trachoma.Infection in eye causes irritation, itchiness, pain and discharge.Acute respiratory diseases are also caused due to dirty and improperly washed hands.The pathogens that stick to hands while you touch objects and surfaces enter your body and causes respiratory problem.

The proper way to wash your hands is to clean them under running water.Wet your hands, apply any antiseptic soap or liquid, rub it well for at least 20 seconds and then rinse them well.Clean your hands either with drier or with clean towel.

To prevent hands from dryness, apply some good moisturiser after every wash.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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