Benefits of Alcohol With Moderate or Occasional Drinking

Alcohol Benefits

Alcohol Benefits
Alcohol Benefits

Despite of having a long list of side effects Alcohol still have some Benefits. Though it would be hard to digest for many of the readers but yes it is true, Alcohol have some of its Benefits.

The benefits of  Alcohol could only be experienced if the consumption is moderate in amount.

Some of the benefits of moderate drinking are :

According to some researchers  people who drink moderately have a less chance of getting a heart disease than compared to those who don’t drink or drink to heavily.

Consumption of Alcohol has a affect upon the HDL level . This thinners the level of blood and reduces the risk of a heart attack.

Diseases such as hypertension or the simple cold seems a bit lesser in

Alcohol Benefits
Alcohol Benefits

people who drink moderately.

People who drink moderately are less prone to diseases like depression, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoporosis.

Moderate drinkers face less hearing and memory loss problems.

One of the major benefits of occasional drinking is that people who drink moderately or occasionally are less subjected to  Alzheimer’s disease. It has even been proved by the researchers that moderate drinkers are more immune to  Alzheimer’s disease than to those who drink heavily or do not drink at all.

People who drink moderately or occasionally live longer than non drinkers or heavy drinkers said a research.


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