Woman’s health;healthy pregnancy care tips

Pregnancy is a very delicate stage in a woman’s life which demands proper care and attention for the mother as well as for her child.If you are going through this stage here are some useful edification to improve the health of both mother and the baby.

pregnancy care tips
Pregnancy care tips

What should be done?

Morning sickness-

During pregnancy many times in the morning  morning the mothers feel uncomfortable.Even any time during the day some or the other troubles are faced by her.Sometimes the smell of coffee or any other thing gives you a feeling of nausea.For solving this problem always keep your favorite snacks or beverages with you.Take two minutes rest when ever you feel sickness.Green vegetables,whole grains,pulses,beans,dry fruits etc must be added to your daily diet.


Exercises during pregnancy time are very important but do that much exercise that is needed by the body.Walking could be a good and effective exercise for this.

Taking care of health-

take care of your health related problems.If your have problems like diabetes or blood pressure then try to keep your blood sugar and blood pressure normal.Always take a advice from your doctor before eating or stopping any medicine.

What should not be done?

Avoid eating or drinking these things-

For 9 months get alert about your eating habits.Avoid drinking coffee in the morning time.According to some studies it was found that drinking coffee during pregnancy time leads to pregnancy failure.Apart from this stay away from alcohol,tobacco or cigarette intake.

Avoid having infections-

Take proper care of your hygienic conditions.Keep your surroundings clean and keep yourself away from bad smells.Incense sprays or sanitary napkins can create infections in the urinary tract.

Protect yourself from depression-

Keep yourself mentally free.Take proper rest and avoid matters that create s confusion or chaos.Be in a healthy and natural environment.You can also take the help of meditation and yoga.You can discuss your feelings with the person whom  you are closed to.

These are very small but important things that should be kept in mind during pregnancy period.Take care of your self and your child.Do not forget to consult a good gynecologist for a proper and important advises.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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