Cosmetics and their side effects remedies

Have you ever counted how many beauty products you use per day?Usage of  beauty products are increasing day by day but are you sure they don’t have any side effects?Check out some cosmetics and their side effects remedies below.

Cosmetics and side effects
Cosmetics and side effects

Beauty products are increasing day by day even in doctor’s clinics,medical shops and Internets are full with providing you a beauty deal.With this wide spread also it is not sure that these are side effects free or not.Always remember to check the company’s name when buying any beauty product.Branded products are reliable that local products.

Choose your product according to your skin type as oily skin products always differ from dry skin products.If these things are not kept in mind there could be a negative effect on your from these products.Common problems are-

  1. Loosing the skin layers
  2. Pimples
  3. Faded color of nails
  4. Fungus infections on nails.
  5. Pus problems inside nails

Do not continue to use a single product for a long time this makes your skin loose with the result it starts loosing the layers of the skin,creates itching or patches on the skin.Always remember to check the contents included in the product before buying it.Buy natural beauty products as they are good for the skin and are infection free.Moisturizer or other products contains lanolin,petroleum or lurid alcohol which are create pimples on the face when put to continuous use.

Side effects of hair products start hair falling and hair whitening problems.Take proper care when buying hair products as the hair are very delicate and a wrong option can remove their beauty for ever.

What are the remedies?

side effects remedies
Side effects remedies

If you have any type of these symptoms then consider your beauty products carefully.It is time to change them.Consult a skin specialist for proper advise ,tell them about your beauty products and usage span.Apart from this here are some useful remedial tips-

  1. First of all when ever you buy a new beauty product apply it below your ears skin.even if it is mentioned ” for sensitive skin only”.
  2. If you are allergic to something always check the material used in the particular product.
  3. Before opting for any product try to understand your skin well about its being oily,dry or normal.
  4. Do not think that the product which suits your friends of sisters/brothers will also suits you to.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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