Yoga Tip :Dahn yoga strengthens eyesight

Yoga exercises is not only beneficial for healthy body but is also beneficial for eyesight.Dahn yoga is one of the types of yoga that contribute towards improving the eyesight to a great extent.It is one of the easiest way to begin improving the eye health.

Dahn yoga has so many benefits that it results in stronger and healthier eyes.Since eyes are thought to beĀ  the best indicator of health, therefore Dahn yoga is the nest initiative to improve the health of your eyes.

Dahn yoga comes from Korea and is generally Korean yoga system.Dahn teachings are all about emphasis on physical,emotional and spiritual well being.It is now described as a correct blend of yoga, tai-chi and martial arts.

Dahn yoga includes stretching,deep breathing exercises,flowing movement and meditation in simple and easy learning format.

Dahn yoga follows some principles that includes three main keys that help student learning it in a better way:

a)Shim Ki Hyul Jung -means from mind to matter.

b)Seo Sung Hwa Gang-means water up, fire down.

c)Junh Choong Ki Jang Shin Myung-means from health to happiness to peace.


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