Brain Tumors: People suffering from epilepsy more prone to brain tumors

A study has revealed that epilepsy patients have more exposure of developing brain tumors then the people without epileptic seizures.

Researchers have noticed that in most of the cases epileptic seizuresĀ  may indicate early stages of brain tumor that may not be captured in brain scanning.

Even they also examined the factor that the possibility of brain tumors that have been missed or not recorded in their first year after admission of epilepsy ,the risks was still 7.5 to nine timesĀ  higher for epilepsy patients.

They also revealed that people with epileptic seizures are more likely to develop a cancerous brain tumor and 10 times likely to develop benign tumor than patients who do not have epilepsy.

The disorder is reported to be develop among people aged between 15-44 years than the people of same age without epilepsy.

The researchers says “Our study suggests that tumors an underlying cause for epilepsy may not become apparent for several years after onset, and indicates a need for ongoing vigilance.”

The study appeared in The Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.

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