Zero size figure vs pregnancy problems

Probably many of the girls are not aware of the fact that even if the zero size figures makes them the most attractive but it has many side effects to.Girls who are made about the zero size should understand the health hazards which have to be faced on the later stages of life.

zero size vs pregnancy problems
Zero size vs pregnancy problems

Actually the women who make their figure zero size had to bear problems regarding pregnancy.It creates difficulty to conceive a child.According to the researchers it is true that over weight women also faces this problem but according to a latest research it is also found that those girls who are under weight or are preparing for a size zero figure suffers with the problems of becoming pregnant.

There are very less chances of such women to become pregnant if they are running behind the size zero figure.According to the researchers in this context all the problems are regarding pregnancy.Women who are  under weight or are very thin have less chances of getting pregnant compare to those who are over weight.

In the advance fertility center of Chicago one of the scientist and member of the research group Richard Sherwin gives his opinion that most of the people gives more attention towards the problems,diseases and remedies of over weight where as they just neglect the fact that under weight or thin women can also undergo some health hazards. They just ignores the health problems faced by under weight  people.

This is mainly because those who are over weight offend the eyes more quickly that those who are of less weight.But in actual being under weight is more dangerous than over-weight problem.A perfect body shape and attractive looks can be gain through other techniques also, so why to promote various health issues?

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication /therapy”

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