New brain tumor surgery through nose

The British researchers has found new and easy technique for the brain surgery.According to them now the surgery can be done through nose .It is one of the most effective way to eliminate the brain tumor very easily.

Brain surgery through nose
Brain surgery through nose

Now there is no need to fear about the marks which are created on the face or head through the brain surgery.According to the British researchers the new way to eliminate this problem is theĀ  way from the nose.

The scientist says that usually the operation of the brain tumor is done through the Carniotomy method.In this technique the open head surgery is done to bring out the tumor.During this time the patient is under the fear of getting infectious but due to the new nose technique the surgery is fully secure and it is infectious free.

The new nose technique takes only two hours for the surgery and the patient need not to go through the operation of head or face.This nose technique is being tested upon the retired director of a company in the west countries by the scientist of Shafield Haillum University and the operation was successfully conducted and and proved by them.They used the endoscopy machine through the nose and carefully taken out the tumor present in his mind.

brain surgery
brain surgery

In this technique a little hole is made through the nose on the lower side of the mind and then with the help of telescopic machines the tumor is being removed very easily and carefully.

According to the scientist this new technique has made the operation of brain tumor very easy and less time consuming.All thanks to our growing technology.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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