5 myths connected with Vegetarian Food

If you are having a grief of being a vegetarian due to some myths then must read this article,it will solve or your misunderstandings regarding the vegetarian food and myths connected to it.

5 myths connected with vegetarian food;

vegetarian diet
vegetarian diet
  1. Vegetarians are not able to get the proper amount of proteins-

Often we think that those who are vegetarians do not get the proper amount of proteins but this is totally a myth that only non-vegetarian food is the proper source of proteins.May be you are not aware of the fact that the protein available from vegetables is cholesterol free.In vegetables proper amount of fiber is also present which is very important for the digestion system and bones.Apart from this vegetarian food includes all the varieties of pulses,vegetables,and fruits which are full of protein contents where as chicken,red meat or egg are fiber less.These items are full of fat and cholesterol.That is why more volume of non-veg food is hazardous for heart and kidney.

2.  Non-veg food is very important for children-

Many people think that it is very necessary to give non-veg to children for their balanced and nutritious growth.It is a true fact that the protein and iron present in non-veg food is essential for the physical growth of children but that doesn’t mean that vegetarian children are weak.If dairy products,pulses and vegetables are given to them in a proper amount then their physical growth  takes a balanced way.Actually amino acid is the main source of protein,which is also found in pulses and vegetables.In the same way green leafy vegetables are full of iron content.

3.  Vegetarian food is energy less-

vegetarian food
vegetarian food

Many people think that vegetarian people are physically weak.In a particular way people who are more into physical labor are not able to get proper calories from vegetarian food.That is why in sports,army or field related to police services it is necessary to eat non-veg food.in contrary to this American athletic Carl Luise,Boxer Mike Ti sen and Olympics Indian wrestling champion Sushil Kumar has proved that vegetarian people are not weak at all.

4.  Vegetarian food is not available every where easily-

Many people think that Vegetarian food is not available every where easily.That is why when going to abroad many people goes through the problem of eating junk food outside.But in actual it is not true.Today vegetarian food is available easily in every restaurant,supermarkets or international flights.Apart from this vegetarian salad are available every where.

5.  Vegetarian diet is not balanced

This is totally a myth,vegetarian food is full of protein,carbohydrates,fat and important balanced micro-nutrients which provide nutrition to the cells .Compared to the non-veg food veg food contain more amount of micro-nutrients elements.That is why non-veg people are suggested to take some amount of vegetables or pulses to get a balanced diet.

Now it is very much clear that being a vegetarian is not a deal of loss.So be proud to say that you are a vegetarian!

“The information present above is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking a medication/therapy”

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