A sign of relief for heart and diabetes patients

There is a good news for diabetes patients,according to the Sydney University researchers they had claimed to make such a medicine which can solve the problems of type 2 diabetes plus cure heart related problems to.

heart and diabetes patients
heart and diabetes patients

This is the message of relief  for the diabetes patients as now from one medicine the cure of two diseases are available.The scientists said that the medicine is designed to increase the good cholesterol HDL levels.During the early stages of the research the medicine had been successful to normalize the level of glucose present in the blood and reduced the hazard of heart attacks also.

The HDL cholesterol present in this medicine slows down the heart’s homeostatic arteries when they hardens up.This reduces the chances of getting heart stokes and attacks.

The researchers had found in their research that when the patients takes astatine medicine with the new medicine then the glucose level in the blood gets improved.Two more categories of this new  medicine are being developed very soon.For the testing of results of this medicine 15 thousand  patients aged from 45-75 who were suffering from hearth attacks,chest pain or angioplasty has been included.After consuming the medicine the results shows that 700  type 2 diabetes patients has improvement in the glucose levels.

There is one more important news for heart patients that the Germany researchers has claimed that they are going to develop an electronic nose which can smell the heart related problems easily.According to the scientists this electrical nose will be containing gas sensor which will be based upon three layered metal oxide.This will also contain a heater element.

The scientists says that with the help of this electronic nose it will become easy to detect various heart related problems very easily.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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