Strawberry contains Anti-Ulcer properties

In one of the study done by the scientists of Germany from the ‘University of Barcelona’ has claimed that strawberry protects the bowel from the layer of acid.Apart from various health benefits of strawberry this is one of the most important benefit as it can also solve the problems of stomach ulcer to.

strawberry health benefits
Strawberry cures Ulcer

Strawberry can be a better remedy for the reduction of stomach ulcers as this disease is also connected with acidic problems.Ulcers are caused because of acidity inside the stomach and as strawberry has the power to reduce the layer of acid that is way it can be applied on the ulcer problems to.

Scientists said that for the testing of this new discovery they gave ethanol to the rats during the research in their laboratory.In addition the rats were made to drink the strawberry juice and this research continued  for ten days.During this time the rats were divided into two parts, they had given ethanol to some rats and strawberry juice to the other part of rats.

After ten days it was found that those rats who drank strawberry juice their smooth part of  stomach membrane was less damaged compared to the rats who drank only ethanol.The scientists says that in the treatment of ulcer there are full protective medicines and the properties of anti-oxidants are present.

In strawberry both (protective medicines  and properties of anti-oxidants) are present.That is why it is suggested to take regular amount of strawberries for preventing ulcer problems.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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