5 simple steps to improve posture

Bad posture results in bad health problem.Bad posture causes serious neck and back pain,injure the spine and shoulders.Good posture helps you build self confidence and makes you feel better.Good posture  means carrying your body well and in such  a way that puts least pressure on your muscles and ligaments.Standing and sitting properly in good posture prevents strain and reduces back, neck and shoulder pain.

The causes for bad posture are- obesity,pregnancy, bad posture habit(standing and sitting in a wrong manner), wearing heels most of the time, weak muscles and less muscle flexibility.

A good posture means “your head,shoulder,hips and ankles form symmetry or be in one straight line.” 

Tips for good posture:

1)The slouching occurs due to weak muscles. Toning strengthens the muscle and improves posture.Strong muscles are less likely to slouch.

2)Use a firm chair which supports your back well and comfortably fits you.Whenever you sit, sit with the support of your hips and the knees should be kept little lower to the level of your hips.

3)Go in front of mirror and look how you stand.If your shoulders slouch and back is bent, then try to stand straight with head, shoulders and hips making a straight  line.If you are standing for long period of time try to alternate the weight on both legs one at a time.

4)Avoid leaning forward while sitting.If you spend most of the tome sitting in front of computer then make sure that you do not lean on desk while working.If it happens move your monitor at your eye level so that you do not have to lean every time to look at it.

5)Walk at regular time intervals.Do not sit for long period of time.It could jam your joints and causes sever pain.Also, it results in bad posture.Stretch your muscles every time you stand up and walk around.It improves the flexibility of muscles.

Good posture is a very important aspect of healthy living. Slouching and leaning leads to fatigue and reduces confidence as well.The first thing ever noticed in a person is how he/she carries himself/herself.How they stand, sit and talk firmly.

Relaxed body, is an another key to good posture.Be relaxed while you handle pressure and deadlines.You will soon realize that how good and energetic you feel under stressed moments. Exercise regularly, it strengthens your muscles and prevent them from fatigue and frequent injuries.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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