Lack of vitamin D causes backpain in winters

The onset of winter season brings many health problems and issues.The reduction in hydration level of the body causes serious muscle problem.The muscles of back are effected the most in this season.Usually people who are engaged in desk work throughout the day suffers from this problem.The cold season worsens the back pain, if not treated well on time.

Studies have proven that most of the pain in back muscles are caused due to lack of vitamin D.Sun’s ultraviolet rays are the main source of vitamin D for the body.Vitamin D is very essential for building healthy bones,which is not sufficiently received in winter season.

According to the latest research 8 out of 10 people suffers from back pain without any injury or disorder of spine like osteochondrosis in winters.The only reason that stays is deficiency of vitamin D and lack of calcium for bones.The optimum consumption of vitamin D recommended is 1000 IU(international units) for adults and children and 2000 IU for people who are suffering from serious backache.

The level of vitamin D can be increased sufficiently in the body through well planed diet and consumption of foods such as  cheese, yoghurt,mushrooms,nuts, soy,egg yolk,chicken,cod liver oil etc.The appropriate level of vitamin D in the body decreases the back pain by 95%.

For treating back pain well,a regular early morning walk is also very beneficial.

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