Special hair styles for valentine’s day

Hair care is as much important as dresses are.Hair styling is one of the most important part that should be kept in mind before going to parties.Your hair gives a perfect grace to the whole personality,here are some hair styling tips for a perfect party look.Check it out.

Beautiful hair looks
Beautiful hair looks

Light wavy-curly hair looks-

Now a days light curly hair looks are preferred by most of the women.You can give a wavy look to your hairs easily be using an iron rod at homes.The essential characteristic of this type of hair style is that it matches with every dress whether the hair are Indian,western or fusion.

Single red color red streak-

A special type of hair coloring is very much in fashion in which instead of coloring whole hairs only the red color hair streak are done.Giving a single streak look or red color in the lower hair part looks very trendy.If you don’t want to color your hair then artificial single red color streaks are available in the market.

Open hairs (all time favorite)-

Open hair look is evergreen and loved by all women.Straightening or pressing are opted by all most all girls which gives a sober look to the hairs.

Pony tail or fish tail-

Pony tail look
Pony tail look

Now days pony tail,fish tail or side pony plates are very much in.This is a hot style which most of the celebrities are also following.You can also choose some antique hair pins on this style or beats can also be applied for more trendy looks.

Flowers accessories-

Flowers can be used in place of accessories to give a fresh look.Different colors of flowers are used to set the curled hairs or pony tails.Artificial flowers are also in trend and gives an appealing look to hair.Different experiments can be done with colored hair to.

Puff hair style-

The retro look of puffed hairs are again in trend now.Famous Bollywood and Hollywood celebs are opting these hair style.It is one of the best and common style which are very much in fashion now a days.

This valentine give a special look to your hair.Make them beautiful so that they can add shine to your personality.Happy valentine’s day to all!

Happy valentine's day
Happy valentine's day

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