A high calorie diet reduces the life span

According to the latest research eating as much as needed for the survival of the body is enough to acquire a long and healthy lifestyle.

Those people who consume food as much as needed by the body remains healthy and lives a long life compare to those who are in a habit of constant eating without any reason.According to the researchers a controlled and maintained diet is effective in fighting against the aging problems of the individuals.

Opting for a low calorie and balanced diet can help in making the body cells more healthy and strongly divided.Taking a strong and more than full diet makes the cells week which gives rise to aging signs in the body.The people who adopts unbalanced and unhealthy life style fails to experience long life and have to go through many health related problems in future.

Till now this research is done on animals and it is strictly suggested that people should not opt very low calorie diet as some calories are important for the body growth and health is the first of all the liberties.

It is somewhere true that a low calorie diet can increase your life span but the study needs to undergo some further research to get the full knowledge about the human health.

The researchers are finding more reasons about the human aging problems and the prevention of many health diseases resulting from aging.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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