Junk food makes the child hyperactive & aggressive

It is suggested that during pregnancy time the mothers should stay away from intake of junk foods.According to a new research Due to over consumption of junk food there is a negative impact on the child’s growth.

Junk food during pregnancy
Junk food during pregnancy

In the ‘Harvard University’ researchers found that the chemicals present in the junk foods Bisphenol A that is (BPA) makes the child hyperactive and aggressive from the age of 3.Actually this chemical is used to harden the plastic material and when consumed by any pregnant women creates adverse impact on a child’s mind inside the womb.

This chemical can be found in tin platted boxes or bottles.This chemicals destroys the hormones very quickly that is why food items which are packed in tin boxes like pizza,burgers,fruits or vegetables when consumed during pregnancy stages deprave the hormones balance of the child and they became hyperactive.

The school of public health of Harvard University studied 244 women regarding the chemical level in these women.During this research they found that those women who had consumed the edible food item stored in closed tin boxes their children showed the signs of being hyperactive and they were not successful in controlling their aggressive nature at all.

This research showed another interesting fact that after birth girls were more victim of this hyper-activeness and aggressive nature compared to boys.On the other hand those women who were taking proper healthy diet and don’t even touched the junked food had active children with sharp brain.

Junk food had many health hazards but are you transferring these disadvantageous chemicals to your child before the birth? Think about it and take proper and nutritious diet,don’t let your child suffer because of your carelessness towards food.

“The information present above is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”



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