Abnormal nature of genes may cause early menopause

Women who have high degree of abnormality in their genes may suffer from early menopause.The alterations in BCRA gene may put them at higher risk of developing ovarian cancer or breast cancer. Abnormal and unwanted changes in  in BCRA genes can be lot more harmful for women as it may also cause infertility at later stage.


Infertility causes
Abnormal genes change may cause early menopause and infertility

The study conducted at UC San Francisco showed that women who used to do lot of smoking can experience an early menopause compared to non-smoker women.Researchers said that some more and thorough study is needed to examine the given size and demographics of the fact so that women with abnormal alterations in the genes would be advised to bear child earlier in their life with suitable medical treatments.

The senior author Mitchell Rosen, MD and Director of UCSF Fertility Preservation Center said that the study showed that alteration in these genes is purely linked to early menopause which increases the risk of infertility in women.The genes change their nature in such a manner that they do not allow a proper environment in the women’s body to bear a child.Thus conceiving becomes a major problem due to early menopause.

Change in nature of BCRA 1 or BCRA 2 may also cause other harmful health disorders such as ovarian cancer or breast cancer. The National Cancer Institute has also confirmed that one of the most common cause of developing breast cancer is the abnormal genes change in women.

The study included 400 females who carries mutation in their BCRA genes.When these 765 women are compared to the onset of other women without mutation in the same geographic area, it was found that most of the females were white because  almost all females carrying  BCRA 1 or BCRA 2  within UCSF cancer risk registry were white.

Researchers also found that females who are under high risk of mutation experiences menopause early at an age of 50 yrs compared to other women.Women who are heavy chain smokers reach menopause even more early at an approximate age of 45 years.

The study is published in Cancer online.

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