Adverse effect of alcohol on health

Alcohol consumption is harmful for health.Many researches has presented many theories associated with the moderate drinkers to heavy drinkers and the effect of alcohol on their health.The moderate drinkers are less likely to be effected by the alcohol whereas heavy drinkers have high chances of developing disorders like cancer, diabetes, arthritis,dementia and strokes.

Alcohol was used medicinally in the past.It was seen earlier that the moderate drinkers are less likely to develop the heart diseases compared to people who largely depend on the alcohol .Alcohol comes under the category of toxin products.A toxin is very harmful for health and causes high damage to the inner organs of the body.

The immune system is effected badly due to alcohol.Heavy drinkers suffers from cardiovascular diseases,brain and liver damage,muscle tissue becomes lethargic and vanished sex organs.People who do not drink too often tend to live longer.Alcohol is also known for increasing the longevity in an individual, only when consumed in appropriate amount.

It is seen that moderate drinkers used to enjoy the most and have better health conditions compared to people who drink almost everyday.Alcohol causes liver and mouth cancer the most.After smoking, alcohol consumption is the another factor that ups the oral and digestive tract cancer.Alcohol decreases the insulin sensitivity in the body thus increasing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.Pancreas is also effected badly,it becomes inflamed and the cells are destroyed causing chronic pancreatitis.

Brain loses its power and and is trapped  in the the grip of stress and depression.Heavy drinkers suffers from a mental illness called psychosis in which the person starts hallucinating.Sever anxiety and symptoms like palpitation. tremor and nervousness starts surrounding the mind all the time.Other symptoms caused due to heavy consumption of alcohol includes headache,sweating, restless sleep and vomiting.

Occasional consumption of alcohol doesn’t harm much.However,crossing the optimum level can cause serious health problems and threat to life.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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