Alzheimer is linked with more salt consumption

Every body knows that consuming more amount of salt leads to high blood pressure problems but now a new problem is being linked by more salt.More salt consumption increase the hazard of having Alzheimer(Amnesia) to.

Alzheimer treatment
Alzheimer treatment

Researchers from Canada(Toronto) has found in their research that old age people who eat more pickles,salty chips,wafers etc food items that are full of salt and are not in a habit of exercising gradually starts loosing their memory power compare to those to consume normal level of salt.

The researchers says that more that one spoon of salt in a day makes your mind dull with the result the person becomes the victim of Alzheimer.In this study the researchers included 67 to 87 years of age people both males and females.They noticed and studies carefully the amount of salt consumed by them and their physical activities for around a year.

Excess salt effects negatively
Excess salt effects negatively

In between this time the test for the study of Alzheimer were also carried out.According to the study those people who had consumed more  full sodium diet and stayed away from any physical activities had shown the signs of having Alzheimer compare to those who had consumed normal amount of salt levels.

More amount of salt means means less memory power according to the researchers and that is why less consumption of salt is advised by doctors.Take a balanced diet and stay healthy!

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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