How to apply melt-proof makeup?useful tips

Are you annoyed with your makeup packs because they do not last longer?If yes, follow some of the melt-proof make up tips.There is no use of applying makeup it it does not last for a long time.

melt-proof makeup tips
melt-proof makeup tips

Check out some super stay-makeup tips for longer hours;

  1. Foundation layer-Buying water proof makeup is not enough,instead of using thick coat of foundation use SPF compact makeup base.Using more that needed primer can make the  the foundation loose and it starts flowing by getting wet from the face.Always buy that foundation which suits your skin type.All types foundation are available in the market like cake,powder or lotion,choose according to the skin and season.In summers cake foundation and in winters powder foundation are best suited.
  2. Pencil point- Makeup pencils gives a beautiful finishing to the makeup.Instead of applying kajal with your fingers try to use pencil kajals.If  you want to apply gloss on on the lips then after putting the gloss outline your lips with a waterproof lip liner pencil for a perfect look.This will prevent the gloss from coming out of the lips and they will be shinning for a longer time.Before applying lipstick do not forget to use lip liner for the outline.This will give the fuller look to the lips and lipstick will not spread out.Always store your eye and lip pencils in the fridge.
melt-proof  masakara
melt-proof masakara
  1. Hytek Mascara- It is true that hytek maskara last for a longer time in eyes lashes but your lashes get stuck to the maskara.The chemicals present in the maskara makes the eye lashes dry.Now a days with the help of tube technology new microfiber rap round maskaras are available which are applied on the tip of eye lashes.this made your lashes looks more attractive and dense.
  2. Powder power-Choose powder brush instead of cream blusher.This will eliminate the problem of sticky skin from the face.Cream blusher,cream eyeshadow, or cream bronze gets wet in summers and dry seasons.Powder or makeup do not brinks heaviness on the eyes.You can mix powder and shadow of 2 colors together to make a beautiful combination.After applying makeup on the face  remove the extra powder from the face with the help of a brush this will give a natural look of makeup on the face.
  3. Touch up technique-For keeping the makeup on the face from 9 A.M to 8 P.M give a touch up to the face once during the day.User tissue or blotting paper to absorb the extra makeup from the skin.You can use a drop of oil control foundation and apply on the face.Always remember to clean the extra oil of the face time to time this will give a perfect shine to your skin tone.

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