Sleep disorders in men leads to heart attacks

According to a latest research by Harvard University it is found that less sleeping problems or sleep disorders generally in men leads to heart related problems.

sleeep disorders and heart attacks
Sleeep disorders and heart attacks

Men should not be careless towards their sleeping habits according to a latest study.During this research it was found that when compare to women men feel more difficulty in taking a sound sleep. Due to this reason men goes through problems like high blood pressure or heart attacks.

Harvard University researchers had found that during the night time most of the men goes through the problem of sleep loss,many times the reason for this is their own snoring during the night. With the result few hours of sound sleep which is not enough to.

According to the researchers, people who are in a habit of taking a sound sleep for many hours have more chances of having high blood pressure which takes the form of heart attacks later on. In the journal  of “America Heart Association” it was published that they kept a close watch on 784 men regarding their sleeping habits.On different intervals of time the researchers checked the quality and mental activity during the sleeping hours.

The results shows that those men who had taken less amount of sleep consist 80% doubt of having high blood pressure and heart attack problems.

If you want to keep your heart healthy then keep your weight control as according to a study due to over weight problems the rhythm of heart beats gets depraved. Obesity puts a negative impact on blood pressure which increases the hazard of heart attacks on fat people.

  “The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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