Anorexia a constant decrease in weight; symptoms & remedies

Controlling weight for fitness purpose is one thing but constant declining of weight from a long period can be a sigh of Anorexia.What all are the symptoms and what are the remedies let us see here.

anorexia problem
anorexia problem

If your body weight is reducing gradually and there is yellowish color on your teeth then beware, these symptoms are of a disease called anorexia.Actually anorexia is caused when a person becomes very much  possessive about his weight and this effects his mental health negatively.

A kind of fear get stuck in his mind about the weight gain and with the result you stop taking full diet.Reduction in diet means less nutrients and unbalanced health which gives rise to weak body from inside.

Symptoms of Anorexia;

 1. Continuous reduction in weight-Less diet give rise to unbalanced body growth.This makes your body weak and unhealthy which is clearly visible on the face.Many times face is effected by stretch marks and laxity.According to the experts many people reduces their diet consumption in a wish to reduce weight and slim looks but they forgot that a proper and healthy diet is very important to stay fit.After some time these people the victim of Anorexia.
2. Hazard of infection or injury-People who are affected by anorexia has greater chances of getting infections or injuries very easily.Actually for for neglecting calories most of the people get deprived from the rich elements contained in food.For maintaining good health and disease resistance potential vitamins are very necessary which are neglected for having slim looks.By the absence of proper nutrients bones gets weak and muscles to.This increases the fear of getting infections and injuries.
3. Yellowness on nails and face-By taking an unbalanced diet your nails and face get yellowness which is clearly visible after some days.Dark circles are visible near the eyes which are the symptoms of Anemia.This creates stress and exhaustion.
4. Hair falling-Due to the shortage of healthy elements in the diet problem of hair falls starts.The main reason of hair falling is the shortage of pholic acid and vitamin B.De to the problem of hair fall the person losses his self confidence which gives rise to disappointment.
5. Inadequate sleep-If you are getting to much or to less sleep then make sure that there is something wrong with your health.Person who is having unbalanced diet gets effected from any part of the body including sleeping problems to.Less diet means unbalanced hormones in the Nero-Biological system.Unbalanced sleep give rise to various health diseases.


dieting problems
dieting problems

If you are having any of these symptoms then don’t wait for the consequences,beware of Anorexia.For avoiding the phobia of weight gain consult a good doctor who can give valuable advise about the matter.Remember that your health is very important and it comes first.Avoid dieting and take full nutrient diet.If your friend is going through this problem advice them properly.Ask them to be happy as they are and inspire them for healthy living.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication / therapy”

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